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But, seriously what is this thing called Pwim?

          Pwim is a program that allows a user to, from a single commandline or terminal, enter a string, or list of strings, that represent what he/she wishes to have played by whatsoever media player he chooses, the default being MPlayer, and then having that particular item be found and played.

          What this essentially means is that if I were to have a sudden hankering to listen to a particular song or video, let's say Ice Pick by The Pillows, which happens to be the song to a particular music video that I enjoy watching. Under the traditional methods of video viewing I would be stuck with two potential courses of action for playing this particular file:

  1. Change directories several times to that one folder somewhere that I "know" it's in, or
  2. Point and Click my mouse until I find that same directory and then search through what could be countless files to find it.
          Each of these prospective choices have their own inherent difficulties and ire. Using the commandline often requires alot of typing to arrive at the desired directory, often times nestled deep within the tree. Once there your problems only multiply by the number of files you actually store in your "media" folder, try 'ls | more'ing through a heavily populated folder looking for the name of that file you wanted to play sometime, it isn't too fun and further is a waste of my valuable time.
You may be thinking at this point that the second option, the graphical one, must be easier since its exciting, full of pictures, and frankly novel, I disagree. I may not be the best judge on this matter, seeing as how I can't see out of my right eye however, I feel that scanning through a large folder, or folders, full of files is quite a strain on the vision, and more importantly an unnescesary burden on what should be a simple matter.
          And so with Pwim you can stay in whatever terminal you happen to be in and type in precisely what you want to play, for example:

$ pwim ice pick


$ pwim pick ice

or even,

$ pwim ic pi e ck The maison

Has the potential to yeild me: "maison ikoku - The Pillows - ice pick.wmv"

Which is precisely what I meant to play.

Current version: pwim-0.09 Download


Author: Jonathan Kopetz 08/22/05
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